Capturing the very essence of the wedding

Photojournalism is the art of documenting an event with the least possible amount of influence on the outcome of the event. This is much different than traditional wedding photography, where the photographer is usually very hands-on and directs the subjects in the creation of most of the photographs.

You might think of it in terms of the daily lives of professional photojournalists.
They are sent out on assignment to document an event. The moment happens
quickly; they capture it, and move on to the next moment.

Some photographers would lead you to believe that photojournalism is
just the latest fashion, but thatís not the case. Photojournalism is
a philosophy to the art of photography.

« I like the fact that I am not in control, that the photographs are what
happens, rather than just the result only of the decision I make. You could
say that's the downside of photography, but it's also why it is magic. »
Thomas Dworzak, Magnum Photos

Photojournalism is more than just a collection of candid pictures. A good
photojournalist will capture images that show more than the surface of the
event, they will show emotion, details and will all work together to tell the
story of the day. When looking back at the photos, you will be brought
back to the day and all of the feelings will come rushing back to you.
A true photojournalist has a natural instinct to predict where and when
things are going to happen. Being a photojournalist is a never-ending
quest to capture the decisive moment.

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